Pac Manager

Ryan Cameron WordPress Expert - PAC Manager

The Brief

PAC Manager provides a solution for industries that rely on process analysers to control chemical processes, protect staff and equipment and meet quality and environmental certification requirements. PAC Manager is a cloud based calibration system.

PAC Manager approached me to help create their brand, increase their visibility online, attract new customers and position their company as an authority within the process analysers within Australia and World Wide.

My Approach

Together we first created his brand, designed a beautiful logo, color scheme and fonts. Then we moved onto creating their business cards around the brand we created for them. Once this was complete, we custom design their website to display their services and how it can benefit potential clients.

The Result

Since the launch of their brand and website, PAC Manager was able to attract clients and expand their business. I am continuously working with PAC Manager with website maintenance, site updates and helping with their online strategy.

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