Robinson Process Analytics

Ryan Cameron - WordPress Expert

The Brief

Robinson Process Analytics aka Ken Robinson, is a process analytic chemist from Australia. Ken specializes in calibrating chemical plant processes to save his clients time and money every month.

Ken first approached me to increase his visibility online, attract new customers, create a brand and position himself as an authority within the process analytic consultant field and also within Australia.

My Approach

Together, Ken and I worked on a logo and brand that best suited his business. From there we created a fast, easy to use website that he is able to update at anytime.

The Result

Since the launch of the new website, Ken has successfully generated multiple leads.

I am actively working with the Ken on his continued growth strategy to establish his brand in the marketplace, reach his ideal customers and grow his company.

Recently, Ken has expanded to create an online calibration system for plants to use without Kens expertise.

Check out Robinson Process Analytics.

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