The Brief

Symvivo has developed a novel bacterial-based gene delivery platform specific for solid tumors, referred to as our bacTRLtechnology.  bacTRL dramatically out-performs existing gene delivery technologies, providing superior rates of gene delivery and solid tumor selectivity.  This technology has the potential to change the immuno-oncology field, enabling the development of new, highly efficacious and safe technologies.  In addition, extending the use of pre existing immunotherapies into other solid tumor indications.

Symvivo was just starting out so they needed to create an online presence to make people aware of the work they do. Symvivo already had a designer for project so I was approached as the WordPress Expert to custom code the website.

My Approach

I custom coded the Symvivo according to the PSD file given from the designer. I custom coded it from scratch so that i was fast and easy to use.

The Result

Symvivo was a successful project with a great brand, design and purpose.

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