SEO Case Study

Here’s a real-life example of a client I worked with who wanted to grow their business by attracting more people to their website.

First thing I did was run an SEO review on their website. It turned out their website was like a needle in Google’s haystack, attracting just around 50 visits each month, mainly from people who were already their clients. So, it was flying under the radar of new customers who could be interested in what they offer.

Image of before SEO work was done on Ryan's clients site.

I initiated the process by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit of their website to get a clear picture of their current status. Based on this audit, I was able to construct a custom SEO strategy tailored to their specific needs.

The next phase involved in-depth keyword research. This critical step ensured that their website targeted the right keywords, essential for attracting their desired audience.

Once the target keywords were established, I proceeded with on-page SEO optimizations. This entailed making necessary adjustments to their website content and meta tags to improve their visibility to search engines and align with the identified keywords.

The final step was backlink building. By strategically obtaining links from other relevant and reputable websites, we strengthened the authority of their website in the eyes of search engines, further boosting their visibility.

The Results

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part – the results! And trust me, they were absolutely incredible. The website’s traffic skyrocketed from just 50 visits a month to an astonishing 5,236. That’s like having the entire town visit their website every single month!

Ottawa SEO case study results for a service based business

In addition, their website started showing up in Google search results for 4,400 different things people were searching for, up from just 200.

Ottawa SEO services for businesses

And, to put that into perspective, the free traffic they’re getting now from their improved search results would’ve cost them almost $5,000 if they’d tried to get the same results by running paid ads on Google.

Expert SEO Ottawa - case study results from a expert SEO

This transformation is a testament to the power of a finely-tuned SEO strategy. If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your business, The first step is to start with a complimentary SEO video review. This could be the first step towards unlocking your website’s true potential.

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