How Does Google Search Work?



To be included into Google search is free and for anyone. You don’t even need to submit your site, Googles’ robots will automatically pick it up.

Googles software which is known as “web crawlers” or “Google bots” will crawl the web on the constant basis to find sites and add them to their index.

Google search works in 3 ways:

  • Crawling: Google searches the web with its “crawlers”, looking for sites and pages that are new or updated. Google stores these pages in a big list.
  • Indexing: Google visits the pages that it has marked down on their list, and tries to analyze and figure out what each page is about. Google will review the content, images, and videos, and try to understand what the page topic is about. This information is then stored in the Google index, a huge database.
  • Serving search results: When a Google user performs a search, Google will tries to decide which web page is the best result for this search. The results have many factors, which include things such as the user’s location, language, device (desktop or phone), and previous searches.

Watch this quick video from Google about how Google Search works.

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