How does Google Ads work?

Super Specific Targeting

With ads in a billboard or magazine you often pay for 95% of people who may not even be interested in your service! 

With our modern Ad techniques we can completely exclude these people and only focus on your target group with specific targeting! As a result, you will pay less and have better results!

The Right Message

There are many different ways to get your message out and we use a variety of ways such as ad text, a catchy image, an inspiring video or a creative carousel advertisement.

These methods allow us to build the connection between you and your target group to make your company known in a fun way in the local community.

Analysis and Testing

We leave it to the numbers, we test and analyse what is working and what isn't. There is no question of good luck and "hope marketing". We simply switch off the ads that work don't work and double down on the campaigns that do work!

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