Hawke Probate


The Brief

Hawke Probate is your one-stop shop for every piece of equipment that you need for distillation and brewing in Canada. Whether you want to home brew, distill whisky or even start a brewery, Hawke Probate has what you need.

It does not matter whether you are looking to have a micro distillery in your backyard or a full-sized distillery to work on a commercial level, you will find the exact piece of equipment you are looking for. In addition to Canada distilling equipment, HP facilitate brewers with the equipment for their breweries — small or large.

Hawke Probate first approached me to help create their brand, increase their visibility online, attract new customers and position themselves as an authority within home brewers in Canada.

My Approach

Since Hawke Probate already had a logo they wanted to use, together we worked on a site design around their logo. We performed our discovery process to learn more about the what other Canadian distilling companies were doing so we could stand out from the rest.

Hawke Probate also needed an ecommerce solution so they could sell their equipment.

Hawke Probate also needed something easy to use so their staff could update their site at anytime, so I set them up with a page builder and gave them training.

The Result

Since the launch of the new website, Hawke Probate has successfully sold many pieces of equipment to customer around Canada. HP has been so successful that they started to specialize in doing full distillery setups for many distilleries in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Since Hawke Probate ranks 1st for multiple keywords, their business keeps growing every year.

I am actively working with the Hawke Probate to create a second website to host distillery training, home brewing training and a bar for a casual cocktail. Stay tuned for Hawke Probates second venture with me.

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