how to add a sticky cta to your wordpress website

How To Add A Sticky CTA To Your WordPress Website

Adding a sticky CTA to a website can have a lot of benefits such as increase conversions and sales, entice to people to optin to your newsless and go to a page they wouldn’t normally see on your website. What is a CTA? What is a Sticky CTA? A (CTA) Call to action is a…

How to make a sticky contact form on your WordPress website

Contents1 Step 1. Choose a WordPress Contact Form Plugin.2 Step 2. Create Your Form3 Step 3. Get WP CTA Pro4 Step 4. Get the Form shortcode5 Step 5. Create a HTML CTA6 Step 6. Test your cta and make edits7 The Finished Product7.1 Example 1 – CTA on the right side of the page7.2 Example…

How To Add Credit Card Icons To Stripe Checkout With WooCommerce

Adding credit card icons to your checkout experience will help create trust and improve trust with your website users. WordPress and WooCommerce have removed the credit card icons since the 5.6.2 update. I found some code below provided by WooCommerce on how to add it back in. You will need to go to Appearance ->…
Divi VS Elementor - Which one is better?

Elementor vs Divi : Review, Pros/Cons & Ultimate Guide (2022)

Contents1 What is Divi WordPress Theme?1.1 Features of DIVI1.1.1 Drag & drop building.1.1.2 Real-time visual editing.1.1.3 Custom CSS controls.1.1.4 Responsive editing.1.1.5 Extensive design options.1.1.6 Inline text editing.1.1.7 Save multiple designs.1.1.8 Global elements and styles.1.1.9 Easy revisions.1.2 Pros of Divi1.2.1 More templates.1.2.2 Full website packs.1.2.3 In-line text editing.1.2.4 Lots of content modules.1.2.5 Creative freedom.1.3 Cons of…

How To Add A User To Google My Business

I’m writing this post to help my clients add me to their Google My Business account so I can manage and optimize it for them. Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to generate leads for your business for FREE! If you are looking to add another user such as your web developer…
Why are my WordPress changes not showing on my website? click here fix

Why are my WordPress changes not showing on my website?

Contents1 Why are my changes not showing????2 How To Fix It2.1 Browser Cache and Hard Reload2.1.1 Using Chrome2.1.2 Using Firefox2.2 Website Caching2.3 CDN Cache3 Still Not Showing? If you are a WordPress user and you update your website frequently, you probably have ran into the issue of your changes not showing on the front end…

Create Call To Actions and Float Content - CTA Builder Plugin

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Divi Vs. Elementor

Divi VS Elementor - Which one is better?
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