wpforms vs contact form 7

WPForms vs. Contact Form 7: The Best Choice for Your WordPress Site?



Navigating the vast world of WordPress plugins, especially when it comes to contact forms, can be a challenge. WPForms and Contact Form 7 are two standout options. But for those looking for a robust, regularly updated solution with additional features, WPForms might have the edge. Let’s see why.

A Quick Rundown


A modern, drag-and-drop WordPress form builder, WPForms is tailored for users of all skill levels, aiming to simplify form creation while offering a wide array of features.


Contact Form 7:

A basic, free plugin that integrates simple forms into WordPress sites, it serves those seeking minimal functionality.

User Experience: Making Form Creation Easy


Its drag-and-drop interface promises a smooth experience, allowing for swift form creation without needing to touch a line of code. Plus, its templates help you get started in no time.

Contact Form 7:

It offers a straightforward approach, but without a drag-and-drop feature, beginners might find a steeper learning curve, grappling with shortcodes.

Customization: Crafting Unique Forms


Beyond basic forms, WPForms’ range of addons offers versatility. Payment gateways, surveys, or newsletters, the plugin has it all. And with the Pro version, you unlock even more capabilities.

Contact Form 7:

Primarily basic in its offerings, advanced customizations might require third-party extensions or some coding knowledge.

Protection from Spam: Keeping Unwanted Submissions Out


With built-in spam protection using the honeypot method and CAPTCHA, WPForms ensures your site remains clutter-free.

Contact Form 7:

Though it provides CAPTCHA and Akismet filtering, leveraging some of these features might necessitate additional plugins.

Performance: Ensuring Your Site Remains Swift


Designed to be lightweight, WPForms is optimized for speed, ensuring rapid page load times without compromising on functionality.

Contact Form 7:

While it’s not heavy, the fact that it loads scripts on every page, irrespective of form presence, might slightly dent site performance.

Seamless Integrations


WPForms stands out with its smooth integrations with myriad third-party services – from Mailchimp to Stripe, ensuring you have all the tools you need.

Contact Form 7:

Its core version provides limited integrations, and connecting it to popular tools could demand more plugins or custom tweaking.

Support: When You Need Help


Paid versions come with dedicated support. Plus, there’s a vast repository of documentation, tutorials, and a community forum.

Contact Form 7:

Being free, it primarily relies on the WordPress.org forums for support. The community is active, but the lack of dedicated support can be felt.

Value for Money


Though WPForms offers a basic free version, its premium versions, starting at $39.50/year, provide a wealth of features that justify the investment.

Contact Form 7:

While entirely free and suitable for basic needs, those seeking advanced functionalities might find it lacking.

Final Thoughts

When evaluating WPForms against Contact Form 7, it’s clear that the former provides a more comprehensive solution, particularly for those willing to invest in their website’s functionality. Regular updates, premium features, and dedicated support make WPForms a strong contender in the realm of WordPress form plugins. Get WPForms here.

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